Starts your Rack apps when needed.

Access your apps from simple domains.

Never manipulate /etc/hosts anymore.

Prax is a pure ruby alternative to Pow!! that runs on GNU/Linux.

Quick Start

Provided you are on GNU/Linux (Mac OS X isn’t supported yet), and that you have Ruby and the Rack gem installed. sudo privilege is required to install the NSSwitch extension, to configure /etc/nsswitch.conf and install the iptables script:

$ sudo git clone git:// /opt/prax
$ cd /opt/prax/
$ ./bin/prax install

(Review the install script).

How does it work?

Prax is a web server that will start your Rack application in the background, then proxy all requests to that application. Link your apps into the ~/.prax folder and then access your app by the name of the link. For instance for an app named myapp:

$ cd ~/.prax
$ ln -s ~/Work/myapp .
$ firefox

You may link the same application under different names. All requests to those domains will be proxied to the same app. It also works for subdomains: pointing your browser to will simply proxy the request to

$ ln -s ~/Work/myapp otherappname
$ firefox

Easy multiple domains and subdomains development!